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INTRODUCTION IT Projects have a very high rate of failure. It is the responsibility of the IT project manager to ensure the success of the project. For a project manager to be both effective and efficient at their job they must possess the appropriate qualities and skills. Failure of an IT project as a result of poor project management can result from the lack of management of the various constraints on the projects. There can be many factors that can contribute to this, but ultimately it is the role of the project manager to assess and allocate the resources such as time, cost and staff skills accordingly. In assessing the success of the project managers’ role, it is considered necessary to use qualitative and quantitative research techniques together, rather than either of them alone. To support this argument, two journal articles which be reviewed to show the benefit of both research techniques, but in particular, that the success of IT project management can not be assessed with qualitative measures. The two articles selected to address the essay topic in relation to the practice of information technology project management are attached at Appendix 1 and Appendix 2. The first article is entitled ‘No More IT Proje Continue...

However, given the nature IT project management, it is not considered that quanitative research is suffient to measure success. '' This again highlights the need for qualitative research. This can lead to responses being inaccurate or contain biases. Dependent upon the results to be obtained, the use of qualitative and quantitative can be appropriately selected. Three lecturerstutors (including the authors) were involved. Qualitative research can go into additional detail, for example was project management failure due to poor communication, as indicated in this essay at the beginning by Shwalbe. Additional reasons for using a statistical approach might include: 61607;Surveys are easy to administer 61607;Surveys are simple to score and code. 61607;Surveys determine the values and relations of variables and constructs 61607;Responses can be generalized to other members of the population studied and often to other similar populations. This will ensure an accurate assessment of the project management. The qualitative research involved the authors in self observation, student observation, speaking with individuals and groups of students, and comparison of student assignments and examination results with those of previous semesters. In 1995, the Standish Group undertook an extensive and widely used study entitled 'CHAOS'. They did teach project management skills, with useful computer programs to assist, however they failed to accurately represent what would occur out in the 'real world' - which was unexpected change. The strengths associated with quantitative research has meant that most studies to the present have been completed using quantitative methods.