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Black Like Me When I started reading Black Like Me, by John Howard Griffin, I had no idea what the book was going to about or what the book’s plot was. I began to read and became amazed by the idea of Griffin to place a white man in a black man’s body and live in the south as an African-American. It’s truly a great story idea. The main character, John, takes medication to change his skin color and travels through the south experiencing life as a black man. It is a very touching book that opened up my eyes wider than they were already by the significant stereotypes of people and racial slurs about all groups, but more importantly blacks. A major theme in the book that I really came to understand, was that our society doesn’t understand other cultures, races, or religions. People get too caught up only worrying about their own people or groups and begin to blame other people and groups for problems. People need to understand all races, cultures, and religions before they should pass judgment. We are all in this together. In the book it clearly pointed out to me that blacks aren’t as ignorant as whites. Blacks have the feeling that the white man is out to get him and are all against the black man. Blacks are scared a Continue...

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In the book I noticed that now in Europe, blacks are treated as equals. Before the civil rights movement, black people were given less respect than dogs. I know I am not racist, yet sometimes I may be oblivious to racism and that makes me just as worse as being a racist. This is very distinctive in today's society. These people walk down the streets, through the stores, and while working at their job are completely insensible. In America, we had this and separate places are still evident today, such as churches and social groups. When people behave in this prejudiced way, they make themselves seem ignorant. As all people are entitled to their own ideas or opinions, I cannot say that racism is wrong entirely, but when people are being discriminated against, harassed, or having their rights violated, that is wrong. The Civil Rights Movement was the first step towards a truly de-segregated America, but like it's stated, it's only a step. It is a shame and a black spot on track record as a nation. They were constant targets of violence and were put to death by racist hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan. There were no separated restrooms, restaurants, public services, nor churches that separated the races. Many people in the world don't see it, but it is very vivid.


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