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An exceptionally complicating concept in finance is value. What exactly is it? Value is synonymous with worth, but that is in the eye of the beholder. Something is worth whatever you think it is worth (What is Value). The Institute of Value Management defines value as satisfaction of needs divided by use of resources. From a financial standpoint knowing the value of buying or leasing a car, buying or renting a home, and investing is a foundation to understand value. Most people seem to think that owning a home is more beneficial than renting one. If a home is owned, the owner has security, pride, etc. in their largest asset. The number one thing people see is an increasing price; hence they think a better value (Buss). However, if deflation occurs, the fair market value of their home decr Continue...

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They bought high and have to sell low. In a renting situation, the renter could have easily got out of the dilemma, while the seller of the house cannot always find an ideal buyer. Investing is something vital to supplement your income and retire independently. Not everyone will agree on these values of homes and cars because value is in the eye of the beholder. Monthly car lease payments are usually lower than monthly car loan payments because you are paying only for the vehicle's depreciation during the car lease term, plus rent charges (like interest), taxes, and fees (Car Buying vs. According to The Institute of Value Management's equation, the necessities for the desired user are greater than everything that is required to satisfy needs when leasing a car. An investor wants the best value for his investments. Again, value is an exceedingly complicated concept. Even though a car owner has limitless flexibility with his or her car, a leaser does not pay as much to lease the car (Car Buying vs. Value should aim firstly to cut out as much of the risk as possible; minimize the downside and maximize the upside (Bland). This meaning does not involve the idea of risk, which plays a huge role in investing. As for the value of investing there is not any controversial data or commentary.


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