Law, what does it mean to you? To me it means you follow it to the T. however, there are police officers that get away with anything, even murder. Police break the law everyday and get away with it because they believe they have the right. Police are supposed to uphold the law and set an example for everyone else to follow. Instead they use their power to take advantage. The police are the biggest crooks there are. They think they are better than anyone else is, and that they are above the law.
             Police officers take their patrol cars home with them everyday and waste the gas that taxpayers pay for. They take their kids to school, take their families out to dinner, and run all their personal errands in our car and on our gas. Police get to eat everywhere free while everyone else has to pay for their own meals This is unbelievable! What do they really do that is so great they shouldn't have to pay for their own meals? Besides braking the law, they abuse the patrol car we pay for. While you are driving down the freeway at the posted 55 M. P. H., a patrol car blows by you at 70 M. P. H. then cuts you off with no turning signal. As the car speeds off with no lights on, you know it’s not an emergency situation. Also sitting at a red light in rush hour traffic, and behind you, you hear sirens and see flashing red lights. The officer squeezes through the congested traffic to make his way through the intersection, just to get to the other side and turn off his lights as he speeds off down the road. Those lights should not be touched unless it is an emergency situation.
             The crime in our cities is totally out of control and yet police officers continue to pick on the people who are not the real problem. Abner Louima, the Haitian Immigrant who was tortured in a New York City police station bathroom stands. When Louima arrived at the precinct, Officer Justin Volpe Sodomized Louima with a broken broomstick and threate

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