The Story of an Hour

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Happiness in Marriage: “The Story of an Hour” Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” offers the reader many different themes and ideas to explore yet the one that stands out the most involves true happiness in marriage. In Chopin’s piece Mrs. Mallard, the main character, receives news that she has lost her husband in a railroad accident. At first she reacts as most people would when receiving this sort of news, she begins weeping in the arms of her sister and begins to fall apart. Soon there after, she retires to her bedroom to spend some time alone. While in her room she continues crying then a sudden sense comes over her. Without knowing exactly what it was Mrs. Mallard felt as though something was coming to her. She felt a sense of fear and excitement both at the same time then realized what it was. She began whispering the words “ ‘free, free, free;’ ” (pg. 15). That was it; she was now free of everything. It was not that she had not loved her husband or cared for him, but she was relieved to be rid of him. She was free. Mrs. Mallard was now as joyful as ever realizing what she could do with the rest of her life. She now had no one to live for and no one living for her. She was completely on Continue...

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She had been hiding her feelings from him and herself for so long that when she thought he was dead she was completely overjoyed. Mallard's new found joyful attitude is not because her husband had died, but rather it is because she is now free to do whatever she pleases without any sort of restraint. Mallard chose to just live with it, that's what she was going to do for the rest of her life. Mallard felt she was being controlled; that she was expected to act and be a certain way for Mr. More than being blinded by the love she felt, on occasion, for her husband, Mrs. Many people have issues much like Mrs. Mallard's death was caused by her excitement and utter joy with the return of her husband. Along with many other issues brought to topic by this essay is the issue of happiness in marriage. As with everything, it is very hard to hide something and keep it hidden forever, eventually it will come out. This wouldn't have been a problem for her had he not returned, giving her such a scare and ruining everything for which she was so joyful both in the same instant.


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