The Han Dynasty

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The Han Dynasty was a one of the most influential Chinese civilizations. This dynasty was from 202 B.C.E. – 220 C.E. It began when Liu Bang took over rule from the Qin Dynasty. Another important leader of the Han was Wu Ti. The Han had some of the same laws and regulations as the Qin, but they gradually incorporated Confucian ideals into their Legalist form of government to make them less burdensome. The Hans realized that the Qin’s extreme Legalistic ideology had not worked and that a bureaucracy was needed for governing the empire. By the end of the Han dynasty, China had about 130,000 bureaucrats, representing 0.2 percent of the population. This brought on a revival of the intellectual life that was suppressed. Government officials were chosen through civil service exams based on Confucianism. These exams covered classics of Chinese literature as well as law. If you passed the test, you could become a government official; if you failed the test you could not be a government official. Schools were established to train the citizens for the examinations. Citizens were also now promoted by merit. This Chinese bureaucracy lasted from the Han period until the twentieth century. This Confucian way of ruling B Continue...

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They also used waterpower to grind grain and to operate other machinery. In the later Han, a scholar wrote of the history of its predecessor. Many new, important advances in technology also arose. In conclusion, the Han dynasty had an impact on the civilizations to come after it. During the Han however, it was replaced by realistic art that portrayed ordinary life. To keep out other civilizations that harassed the Han, the Great Wall was built. This was a major advancement that became available to other parts of the world in the centuries to come. The Great Wall was composed of other smaller walls put together to become one large one. As stated before, Confucian ideals were also a major part of the Han's political ideals. Of course this was a primitive model, but it made way for better models to come. One of the most important creations, the wheelbarrow, was also created during the Han period. This opened the door for more advances in manufacturing. Agriculture and the development of better tools grew during the Han. Another impact of Han scholars was the world's first dictionary. Many beliefs and ways of running government were brought forward and used strongly.


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