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Daniella Ortega Dr. DeLozier English 1301 29 September 2004 Friends There is nothing more natural than having friends. Everyone in the world has millions of friends, and most people can’t count their friends on two hands. Friends are important to have because they are a backbone when things get tough in life, and are always there for love and support. With all the friends that we have you would think that it would be hard to distinguish between different types of friends, but that is not the case. We can identify our best friend, our acquaintances, our teammates, and our mutual friends. However, what is friendship, and does it change with each different group of friends? Friendship is difficult to define, and with every group there are different ways of acting. Friendship means different things to different people. A friend is one whom is attached to another by affection or esteem. A friend is a person with whom we tend to feel more relaxed, open, and equal. There is some sort of a bond that is held together by positive feelings and history. All our different group of friends are important to have, and all have their special meaning to us. A best friend is someone whom you can tell everything to, and it is usually Continue...

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You hang out in the same group of friends, and have a lot in common. Your best friend knows every secret about you, and can predict what you"tmre going to do or think before you do or think it. I know who she is and that she is on the swim team but I don"tmt know anything else about her. We were there for each other when we had our first boyfriends, had our first school dance, first day of high school, and we are even on the Varsity Pantera Dance Team together at school. Everyone needs to be loved, and all of your friends love you in some way. To me she is just another person who I go to school with and see every day. Like many acquaintances, I don"tmt really have an opinion about Alyssa because I don"tmt know her very well. Like most girls, we all have our days where we get on each others nerves, but when it gets down to it we are all friends. Everyone of your teammates have the same goals as you, and are determined to obtain the goals. You may sit at the same table as they do at school, and have a conversation once in a while, but you never go out of you"tmre way to hang out with the person on your spare time. Bell and on the weekends Juliana likes to spend time with her. On Panteras we all are forced to be around each other because we are on the same team. These are people who we know, and maybe, with some, we are exceptionally friendly.


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