Student Ambassadors

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The role of a student ambassador is very important. A student ambassador is given the great opportunity to visit another country and to exchange ideas and values with the people of that country. Student Ambassadors in America are representing their country and setting an example of what a student from the United States is like. Student ambassadors should have a positive desire for wanting t Continue...

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o learn more about other cultures around the world. Student ambassadors should try to learn and understand other peoples culture and their way of life. Student ambassadors should also be ambassadorial meaning that they should represent their country to the best of their ability and more through a variety of ways including good behavior. People To People was founded by President Dwight D. President Eisenhower started the program by calling a special White House conference of American leaders. He later realized that People To People would best be carried out by private citizens rather than government officials. Because of this, the student ambassador should always behave in a positive and enthusiastic light. A student ambassador is representing the country that he or she is from. Eisenhower in 1956 to help unite the people of the world together and to end nuclear threats. He believed that ordinary citizens could live together in peace and solve their differences if able to communicate with one another. A student ambassador would never think less of a person just because that person does things differently. He asked them to join him in a new initiative to be known as People To People.


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