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The Development of Cellular Telephones Have you ever stopped to think what it would was like before we had cell phones? You couldn’t just call from your car if you were running late for work, in a wreck, or trying to find directions. Technology is increasing day by day, and going to do nothing but get bigger. With every new bit of technology we get, there are always good and bad to come. Finding these problems is what makes technology interesting. Since a cellular telephone is really a two way radio, you can start tracking cell phone history back to 1876 with the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell(********). In addition, to the telephone there had to be another part this is where the radio invented by Guglielmo Marconi came in 1895(********). A cell phone uses up two frequencies, one for sending your voice out and one which allows one to come in. This is why cell phones are considered two way radios, or full-duplex devices(******) this way more than one person can communicate at a time, instead of a half-duplex for instance a walkie-talkie which only allows one person to talk at a time(******). It was not until 1984 that cell phones were first mass marketed to the public (*notes*). This was a boom in techno Continue...

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Cell phones keep us within constant reach of anyone who wants to reach us, at most any time. That is why it is good that only the seller knew it. Driver inattention has been a major cause of serious crashes in recent studies. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driver distractions are a factor in at-least twenty to thirty percent of vehicle accidents. Any time any where you could call who ever, where ever you wished. Any time you went over your minutes or out of your area of range they stuck it to you, and it appeared on your bill. There are many reasons why digital is better. Every analog phone had a secret code you had to enter that would allow you to set up and activate that certain phone. Of course technology set in and analog was out, and digital phones were in. Heavy traffic, bad weather, and driver stress increase the distraction level. Cell phone technology has come very far from its beginning and can do nothing but grow. Researchers found when participants were using a cell phone their response times were dramatically slower than when listening to the radio or a book on tape. We have became a fast-paced, connected culture. At the beginning cell phones where very bulky and not many people had them, mostly just the people who had money to blow. There are many drawbacks that come with cellular phones to consider.


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