Southern Culture

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Today’s society is dominated by stereotypes and misconceptions; the way that we talk, walk or even look has a large impact on the way other human beings judge us. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that some people associate the Southern accent with a lack of education or laziness. Despite this fact, Southerners continue to maintain their unique dialect, and ignore stereotypes that they are often forced to undertake. In fact, to many southerners their dialect is more than a way of speaking, it is a long standing tradition that goes far beyond the language. The Southern dialect is the product of a wide array of cultural and ethnic influences. Both the French and African slaves had a large impact on the Southern way of speaking. Because the French dominated most of the Southern and Western American regions during the 18th century, their way of speaking was highly influential on the Southern culture. Just as the French significantly contributed to the Southern dialect so too did the African slaves. The large populace of African slaves played a large role in today’s Southern accent. Furthermore, because the South is largely agricultural, the people tended stay in one location thereby allowing for the development of Continue...

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For example, the "Gullah way of speaking is predominantly spoken by Southern blacks living in Georgia and South Carolina; it is a combination of English and Western African dialects. The Southern accent today is ever changing and even within the south there are a wide variation of accents. The Southern dialect was a large part of the old South and is a large part of the new South, and although it is no longer as "Southern as it used to be, it still distinguishes two different geographical locations. Although many of the articles I have read poked fun at the mispronunciation of certain words by Southerners, the tone was much more jocular. While many traditional Southerners still have bitterness towards the outcome of the War, in the North, the Civil War is rarely talked about. After reading several Northerners opinions regarding the Southern dialect I have come to agree with this general conception. The prior quotation sounds more like a motivational speech given by General Robert E. I believe that eventually this barrier will be broken, and the contempt by some Southerners to Northerners and vice-versa will go away. Many historians believe that today's Southern dialect is largely attributed to cities such as Richmond, Charleston and Savannah due to their historical importance in the South. The use of words such as 'dammit' and 'grind' make it very clear to the reader that a great deal of adversity exists between some southerners and the north. It is also noteworthy that the writer refers to the North as the "Northern establishment, this reveals that in the writers mind, the idea of a united America does not yet exist; therefore, the "Southern establishment must speak in a certain way in order to segregate the North and the South. The particularly descriptive language used by the writer clearly reveals the importance of the southern dialect, and how the south should spurn the "Yankee way of speaking. Moreover, the writer even went as far as to challenge a Southerners manhood if he were to conform to the Northern dialect.


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