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mother toungue

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Changing Languages

In the essay Mother Tongue the author, Amy Tan discusses many issues including language and cultural barriers faced by her and her family when she was growing up. Tan also discusses stereotypes and lack of respect brought on by her ethnic background and the struggles brought about by being Asian in America. Amy discusses communication problems between her and her mother although they were very close. And the set backs faced because of these communication problems that her family had with the rest of society. Amy Tan realized how much surroundings including people can change the way you use and learn the English language for both the good and for the bad. Throughout her life Amy was able to absorb the different types of language that she heard around her to better her life and career. Amy Tan’s unique background, of growing up as an Asian in America, has made her writing more dynamic than all of the American authors, the way that Tan has learned to use the English language has given her writings a dimension that no other author could possibly have.
Amy admits that although she is a writer she is not a scholar of the English language or literature. Her entire introduction of Mother tongue relates to English and its variations. “I spend a great deal of my time thinking about the power of language”. It can also be seen that Tan is writing about the different ways one can speak the English language “I use them all-all the English’s I grew up with.” Amy noticed how language was used differently when she was with different people when she was growing up. Amy realizes how much ones surroundings can change the way one speaks the English language. “Recently, I was made keenly aware of the different English’s I do use”. Amy has learned to use this changing of language both in her writing and in her life. When Amy speaks to book groups and educated people she subconsciously speaks sophisticate...

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