a failed education system

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A Failed Education System The education system has being failing students as time passes. In high schools, teachers fail to make students feel passionate about education. Every morning, it is the same thing, forty minutes here or an hour there just to sit in a classroom and learn virtually nothing because students do not find the lectures interesting. Therefore, students do not learn and like Michael Moore’s article produces an “Idiot Nation.” Every year, the U.S government spends money to give out tests to rank the students academic level. Since most students do not do well in those tests, the government has set some standardized tests that students must pass in order to graduate. Now, what the hell are these tests for. It in not going to make us any smarter by passing it, and yet the government is spending millions of dollars for this test. People learn best when they passionately want to discover a subject. It does not matter if it is advanced physics or physical education, when a student is interested they will learn. Everyday students are forced into classes with teachers who do not fit their learning styles or abilities. If schools would take time to evaluate every student’s learning style, disability, or strength Continue...

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Whatever happened to interactive learning Being involved, experiencing science, math, history, English, music, foreign languages and any other trades or skills we are interested in. (159) If teachers stop worrying about rules and focused more on making education interesting then students will learn. I am now realizing that I have to think about my lifelong goals and how my education will help me now to achieve in the future. The teachers only worry what rule the students are breaking. The government should concentrate on test scores, they should focused more on individual students needs. Their schools have allowed them to focus on the subjects that they are good at and put the importance on learning instead of competing, testing and grading. I remember back in my high school days no student were never willing to participate in classes. Students hate going to school, attending class, being on time, because administrators make it such an issue. Maybe it happened because they were shy, embarrassed or just disinterested in participating in class but it drove me crazy how they could not see how valuable it is to participate and take an active role in their learning. Too much of what is taught in school is irrelevant to life. That is why I must try my best now and not tomorrow. The truth is that students in these times have to seek additional learning away from school in order to discover what an actual education is. The education system in America is dying because it is surrounded by politics and public funds. We are consumed by the institutional issues and not by the needs of every child in America.


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