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The short story “Gaston” by William Saroyan is a creative story that portrays the better parts of life of a torn family. The father and the daughter in the story are spending quality bonding time during the frame of the story. What began as just the simple act of a meal of peaches turned into a thoughtful insight of there lives. Throughout the story the concepts of fear love and loss of both the father and his daughter are portrayed through Gaston. The imaginative father plays an important role in the story. He created a life for the bug within the peach that held so much meaning and importance to backbone of the story. Preparing the day with his daughter as she naps he purchases seven peaches for an afternoon snack. While eating the “bad” peach he comes across a bug that has made his home within the seed of the peach. He gives the critter the name “Gaston” and refuses to squash him. I feel that we can relate this situation of the bug to the relationship bet Continue...

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Her first reaction to the bug was "ugh" and wanting to squash it. And finding something good within the bad peach is like finding something good coming out of the divorce situation. Just in the way he jumps at the fact she wants a bad peach. She squashed the bug I believe out of anger. The divorce dramatically effected her life and she put an end to those thoughts quickly by putting Gaston out of his homeless misery. Here he is safe and secure within the seed of the peach. The fathers fear of losing his daughter and or making her unhappy is very strong. He has a connection with the daughter in the way that they are so different but yet so much the same. She began to realize that the bug now resembled in a way her life on a open white plate, and she hated it. As the story continues she ends up squashing the bug after the conversation with her mother. I feel that the separation of her family made her angry inside. When the father places him on the plate, a empty white plate, along with the two peach halves that once gave him security. His love for her helps overcome the loss of his family and home. Gaston the little creature taken from his home acts as a visual for the situation the daughter has encountered.


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