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Why is it so difficult to reduce or eliminate injury and illness at work? Will the mechanisms of law ever successfully control occupational injury and illness? Illustrate your answer using the example of either asbestos or manual handling. During the last decades, occupational health and safety issues have been highlighted by the development of comprehensive legislations in all states of Australia. The costs of injuries at work resulting from work activities have begun to be calculated in terms of medical and hospital costs, time lost, replacement costs and compensation payments. These high costs supplemented the need of intensive legislations. There are both physical and psychological factors that impact the rate of injury and illness at work. Every task at work carries a level of risk in itself. The main focus of this essay will be on manual handling. Firstly this paper will identify the various difficulties faced by workplaces to minimise manual handling injuries, secondly it will outline the different legislatives measures that can be implemente Continue...

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Others have linked shiftwork with problems like heartburn, loss of appetite, diarrhoea and constipation (Aanonsen 57). The manual lifting of heavy and awkward loads is responsible for a great number of injuries and long-term health problems amongst Australians. A move towards shiftwork, poor job design, and introduction of HR strategies mainly focused on the development of reward systems are few aspects of working environment that increases the level of injury and illness at work. The orientation of the people working in blue collar jobs. There are various reasons that can be put forward in order to explain as to why it is very difficult to reduce or eliminate injury or illness at work. and they are not really concerned with health hazards that can result from manual handling. Manual handling is one aspect of the workplace that poses a high level of risk of injury to a worker if not performed in a proper manner. A survey released by AWIRS in 1995 indicates that 32. However, in order to get a better understanding overall as to why it is so difficult to reduce or eliminate injuries at work, this paper will also assess various characteristics of working environment that increases the risk of injuries. d to overcome those difficulties and control the injuries successfully. The most common short-term ailment is a stomach or gastro-intestinal problem. Finally with the assistance of recent statistics released from work cover, this paper will conclude by evaluating the effectiveness of legal mechanisms in order to manage injuries resulting from manual handling. 3 of workplaces had employees who worked shiftwork. The scheduling of hours of work is undoubtedly one of the major social problems of industrial society. Even though comprehensive legislative measures have been introduced to prevent the risk of injury at work, still occupational injury is a major concern for most of the organisations.


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