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Have you ever just sat back and imagined how tough it was for slaves in the early 1800's? They were not able to do anything without permission including taking a shower or using a toilet. While some had a decent life as a housemaid, others lived their life doing back-breaking work. The slaves had no say in what they could or could not do. According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), freedom is the exemption or release from slavery or imprisonment. While that definition works when talking about slavery, we cannot really use that definition today because the world has freed itself from almost all forms of slavery. The latter part of the definition speaks of imprisonment which is still in use today, but holds its context strictly to slaves. Freedom’s, like many other words in our language, context change over time. Freedom went from only having to do with slaves to where it is today. Freedom today focuses mainly on the state of being able to act without restraint. And what many people do not want to believe is that there are still thousands of people with very little freedom. The first main reason why the definition of freedom that OED uses is not entirely correct is that it focuses only on slaves. Freedom effects e Continue...

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Everyone in the United States has about as much freedom as possible. Freedom is a word that is going to keep changing with every new generation or culture. The whole point of their lives is to raise a family. The OED definition of freedom, exemption or release from slavery or imprisonment, needs to be changed to incorporate everyone in society. The citizens believed what Hitler was saying without doubting him. Many people feel that they have the right to smoke where ever they want in public. Hitler did so by convincing all of the country that they needed to go to war and take neighboring countries. We now have all of the basic rights the slaves were trying to get so we try to get the more specific rights or freedoms. For almost everything they do these wives need permission from their husbands. The owners of the buildings want their customers to be happy so in turn want all of the smoke away from the building. His parents are his guardians so by law they have a little power over him and still have not given him the freedom to stay out late. The girls get no elementary or formal education. Many of them really care because they do not know any other way of living their life. These Middle-Eastern women are not the only people who have restricted freedom. The slaves wanted the simple rights of speech, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


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