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The novel, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis, is a story about a journey in a land never thought to be true. This story is written for kids in high school. The title of this book refers to the three main parts of the story. Three of the main characters are Aslan (King and God of Narnia), The White Witch (Queen of Narnia), and Edmund (Third oldest of the Pevensie children. Aslan is the lion that sacrifices his life so that the witch will let Edmund go. He rises from the dead and kills the White Witch. The White Witch is the evil queen of Narnia that places spells on the land and makes it always winter with no Christmas. Edmund grows into a better man after staying in Narnia for a few days and helps protect his sister Susan. I identify with the Character Susan. Susan is the second oldest of the children. She is the kind one yet a little bit slow sometimes. She is known as Queen Susan the Gentle when she becomes Queen at the Cair Paravel. In this story, Lucy, the youngest of the Pevensie children goes into the “wardrobe” and finds a land called Narnia awaiting her on the other side. She then meets a faun named Tumnus who is surprised to see a human girl and invites her to tea. Then Tumnus bursts Continue...

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Lucy then tells Tumnus to release her and he does. Aslan, Susan, and Lucy walked to the stone table as Aslan tells them to leave. They then notice that Edmund has disappeared. As they travel the overcome season changes. Beaver then leads them to the Stone Table where they are to meet Aslan. Tumnus begins to tell Lucy that the witch has put a spell on the land that makes it always winter but never Christmas. One day all of the children had went into the wardrobe hiding from the housekeepers and found themselves in Narnia. This story doesn't relate to me at all in real life, because you cant go into another land from a wardrobe. Aslan speaks with the Witch and the Witch insists that Edmund is a traitor and she says that she wants him dead. Aslan began to get sad, and then as the siblings are getting ready for bed, they notice that Aslan is no longer there. The witch then plans to kill the children. This is one of the best books I have ever read. Aslan sent Peter to rescue her and sees a wolf attacking her. All of a sudden they hear Susan blowing into the horn that she had received from Santa Claus. They then went to the castle and they free all the prisoners who had been turned to stone by the White Witch.


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