Behavior developes from nurtur

             Behavior and emotion is what makes a man, we are all but little playing peices in a big world of mis understood knowlege.We are one of many complex species today because of the history of thoguth and emotion.Although genes influence human behavior,I am going to tell you Ms D, why it is I believe that nurture is a big factor in human behavior.
             The Fetus sits in it's mothers womb for 9 months. While in the womb, the baby is constantly growing and developing new features. The baby does it's time in its prison like perimiters until the mother gives birth. The baby is alive and well and now into a world wide cycle of being raised, just like many other children around the world. What I mean to say is, our behavior is originated only from the "envoiroment in which we are placed in throughout our upbringing". We do not come out of the womb with certain behaviors that we show today. We simply grow up and expand our range of knowlege and experiance from what is shown around us. I beleive that the humans great ability to learn is one of the best features of a human, if not a close second. "While a gene may increase the likelihood that you'll behave in a particular way, it does not make people do things." which means that we still get to choose who we'll be when we grow up. We all have control over what we choose to do in life and who we will become as people. These choices are triggered by thoughts in the mind. Different minds will chose differently becuase of different experiances and beleifs. This wide range of mind processing creates many differernt behaviors, which can be seen throughout many different people.
             It is said that "the behavior of an individual often comes from the way that person was raised". Now what does that mean? That means that Someone will act a certain way or respond to somthing from trigering brain cells.

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