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To Kill a Mockingbird

What are Mockingbirds? Mockingbirds are a species of birds, that all they do is sing their hearts out for us and never ruin anything. Who has ever thought of it being a sin to kill a mockingbird. Harper Lee is a writer who expresses her childhood as the plot and the Mockingbirds symbolizing certain characters(Tom Robinson and Boo Radley) in the novel, basing them on what occurs to themselves and their reactions towards it. Racism was a big part of the story, mostly involving in the conflicts and just the normal lifestyle of Maycomb County. Could you imagine such a story like this, happening realistically. In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee expresses Dill, Mayella, and Boo as lonely characters who attempted to combat their loneliness. Dill is a dynamic character who is introduced as a 7 year old boy who knows how to read and will be staying with Miss Rachel every summer in Maycomb County. Dill becomes good friends with Jem and Scout, and they end up getting very involved and mischievous with the Radley place and Boo. Throughout the novel, Dill is a lonely child who hides his feelings about the truth. Dill really doesn’t have a family that takes care of him, his mother just sends him to any family member who is willing to take him and he unfortunately has no father. Dill hides the truth by telling Jem and Scout lies; saying how his father is rich because he conducts the railroad, then becomes a pilot, and now over the summer they will be building a boat together. Dill makes this all up so he can fit in with the crowd and feel like someone is there for him. It makes Dill more proud of himself that he’s not and outcast and he’s not lonely and that someone does show feelings towards him. Mayella Violet Ewell is a static character who is not mentioned much in the story and doesn’t have many characteristics to build up a well developed character. Mayella is the daughter of B...

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