The Road Not Taken' by Robert

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“The Road Not Taken' by Robert Frost and “Advice to my son” by Peter Meinke are poems that are similar and have a definite message for readers. Each writer is trying to emphasize how the words written can be can be applied to life. The poems are about choices and the impact that our choices have on our life's journey and ultimately how these choices have shaped our being. All of ones options have penalties and will eventually add to the course of ones voyage. Through there are a variety of language techniques; the poets are able to convey their messages. At one hand, the poems are easy to understand. At another hand, though they appear to describe very simple things, it is no doubt that they contain deeper meanings. The tone of the poems helps create meaning and atmosphere. The theme of the poems concentrates on the concept of choice but in two different aspects. Peter Meinkes poem focuses on the impact of our choices with adding advice. For instance he tells his son that the choice is there to “marry a Continue...

Once faced with these decisions, he must weigh the options and make the most favorable choice because he might have to pay the consequences also. In Frosts poem, the two paths represent the narrator's options a person has to choose from. For that same matter, don't play so far right that you go off the field. In "Advice to my Son Meinke states, "The trick is, to live your days as if each one may be your last. The bread represents a boring path that could deal with long-term action and the wine symbolizes an enjoyable and dangerous life, which can give you the riches of knowledge and stories to tell friends. The key to life isn't taking the moderate approach: going down the middle the entire road, it's a balancing act where you take one side, but then even it out with the other, though when you do take a side, go all the way. pretty girl but by saying "After seeing her mother he gives advice to show a possible consequence. Both writers have the same message and are similar and different at the same time. All of our choices have consequences and will ultimately contribute to the path of our journey. This is similar to the ending of "Advice to My Son, because here the father uses "always serve your bread with wine. The poet's use several techniques to convey there messages such as structure, rhythm, rhyming, use of contradictions and certain words. Frost replies, "And that has made all the difference", is one of the most important lines of the poem because it shows the impact that our choices have on our life. The last line In Road Not taken has a similar meaning. Meinke exhibits advice and choices for his son to make through his viewpoint.