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Emotional Changes As we go through life there are many things that we encounter that force ourselves to change our ways. Emotional Changes occur many times in life especially during adolescence, where you question many things such as your sexuality, self-development, and your friends. Going through physical and personal changes, adolescents today live in tough surroundings. Emotional changes can happen to anybody who ages, which is everyone in who ever existed. Reading Whatever Happened to Janie by Caroline B. Cooney, your realize what is going through a teenager’s head when she finds out that her parents aren’t really parents and that she is someone else who has been missing from her real family since she was three. In the poem called, “Leave Me Alone”, Felice Holman describes how “Loving care”, can irritate someone who has felt this emotion too many times. In an article by the Oprah magazine, Caroline Baron, who is a film producer, describes how she has changed by helping Macedonian children refugees. Having read these three different genres of text on emotional changes, I can clearly say that your emotional changes depends on what kind of person you are and how you deal with your peers, family, and surrounding. In the poem, “Leave Me Alone”, the character in it goes through an emotional phase that is very short. This shows that emotional changes can happen in a heartbeat, one minute you could trust someone, and the next minute you won’t. People, who go through this type of phase, may want to be alone for a while then they find themselves wanting to be with others. The last line of the poem, “But when I’ve wallowed in sorrow, be nice to me again tomorrow”, clearly shows that he/she knows that tomorrow will be a better a day and they would want to be around people. In the novel, Janie moves back with her real family, the one she left when she was three years old. Living in a different surrounding and wi...

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