Acids and Bases

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Many acids and bases are things that we use every day. Actually the definition of an acid is any compound that forms H+ ions in solution. I have noticed that many acids have a level of pH lower than 7. The lower the number of pH the more acidic the substance is. Everyday substances that we know of, like stomach acid has a pH level of 1.5, which is extremely acidic. Lemon juice has a pH level of 2.5, tomato juice 4, acid r Continue...

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Bases feel slippery, change litmus blue, and become less basic when mixed with acids. 5 and pure water has a ph level of 7 which is neutral. The definition of a base is a compound that produces hydroxide ions in solution. I have noticed that many bases have a level of pH higher than 7. Strong acids tend to have pH values that range from 1 to 3. Many bases are every day items just like acids. Acids taste sour, change litmus red, and become less acidic when mixed with bases. 5, and oven cleaner has a pH level of 13. The higher the number of pH the more basic the substance is. For example, I found out that the hydrochloric acid produced by the stomach is a very strong acid.


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