Australian National Identity

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The Australian National Identity. Hypothesis:- Let me begin by clarifying the word ‘identity’. The word identity, according to the dictionary means “The state of being exactly that which has been claimed, asserted, or described.” Now if you ask me, our national identity as Australians is not how the media has claimed or described it to be. To see this, I think we need to take a step back and view Australian television shows and advertisements the way a foreigner to our country would view it. We do not advertise ourselves very well, therefore providing people with various misleading images. Our image and identity has mostly lingered with the representation of the Bushmen who are macho, tough, rough characters who set out to conquer a difficult landscape. The image could even be described as a bit distant and dull. It is commonly thought that the primary source of this image is perhaps because of our geographical isolation on earth. Although, I don’t believe this is ultimately why we have given this ambiguous image of ourselves to Continue...

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There is more to Australian Citizens than kangaroos, Billy-tea, the bush or wattle. This is a more realistic, veiled side of the Australian personalities that unfortunately, have often failed to surface in our media. We are a country that has accepted differences in language, culture, human rights, refugee status, values, beliefs, food, behaviour and laws. Although Australians are proud to have these as symbols, our very diverse and multi-cultural population has gone unnoticed. Foreigners aren't seeing Australian's as to what is true, or as to what is entirely true of our diverse land. I'm guessing that you too, would be a follower in the common belief that most Australians wear khaki while trekking through the bush in search of dangerous and venomous animals. Although it is more realistic in that it is set in the suburbia, the varieties of characters are quite inadequate. I'm pleased to witness that massive changes are occurring, especially since the days where people had views such as Russell Ward. Which providentially, in this modern-day it is not very common to have a complete white, heterosexual crowd. If you were to ask a person living overseas what came to mind when they thought of Australia, I'm sure it would be either our unique fauna, for example Kangaroos, Emus, Koalas etc, or our recognizable sites like Uluru, The Great Barrier Reef or The Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was more a stereotypical, and very much conservative out-look on Australians. As another example, let's take a look at Neighbours, a well-known Australian drama series.


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