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Analytical Exposition

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Marginalisation is a form of exclusion that has repeatedly been presented in numerous and diverse texts, and has always been an end result of the discourses adopted by a character, which may be wholly rejected by society. Such rejection is prevalent in James Maloney’s ‘Touch Me’, where the upholding of inappropriate or alternative discourses eventually causes certain characters to be marginalised. That is to say that, in society marginalisation is due to unconventional behaviour, which is evidently illustrated in the book.

The challenging of masculinity and its associated beliefs and values in the novel apparently causes marginalisation. Masculinity in the novel is generally constructed in the form of sport (rugby), weight training, physical clashes, aggression, domineering and being homphobic. However, when such features are abandoned or neglected, marginalisation is the outcome. This is most noticeably the case with Xavier, whose life was earlier dedicated to rugby, until the changing of his priorities, which seemed to cause a certain degree of exclusion and aggravation from his peers. This was as a result of Xavier’s attraction towards Nuala, who, by all, is considered as an unusual and abrasive girl, who assumes the persona of a male. This marginalisation is directed mainly from Scott (captain of Xavier’s rugby team), particularly in the formal, who escorted with his peers discourages and excludes Xavier because he arrives accompanied with Nuala. This is explicitly expressed by Brett and Kris’s comments-“You know what it looks like, don't you Xave? You bring some queer lesbian in a fucking suit to the formal and you know what it says. That you're a faggot yourself, mate. That's what it says." (p.147) Another event that overtly reveals Scott’s defined belief about sexuality is when he beats Xavier up, which was a result of escalating tension of seeing Xavier, a former friend of his, going out with Nuala. Additional...

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