Self-Esteem and Self-Concept of Adolescent

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Self-esteem refers to one’s feelings of high or low self-worth. It is the global evaluative dimension of the self. For example, adolescents feel good about themselves. Self-concept is all out thoughts and feelings about ourselves. It is the specific evaluations of the self, such as academic, social, physical appearance, behavioral conduct, and so on. In many years, the psychologists measured the self-esteem and self-concept primarily for the children and adult instead of adolescents. Moreover, they are very difficult to measure since there are many domains and conditions to be considered, especially in approaching adolescents. As a result, Susan Harter developed a separate measure for adolescents-the Self-Perception Profile for Adolescents. It includes eight domains, such as scholastic competence, athletic competence, social acceptance, physical appearance, behavioral conduct, close friendship, romantic appeal, job competence and global self-worth. Since then, the psychologists began to concern about the self-esteem and self-concept of adolescents. According to Carl Roger, “When the ideal and the actual self are nearly alike, the self-concept is positive.” If our sel Continue...

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When the middle-class adolescents wear the fashionable clothing, the lower-class ones will envy about them and feel powerless. Self-esteem and self-concept are very important in our lives. f-concept is positive, we tend to act and perceive the world positive. The athlete who fails in the contest will feel inferior and blame himselfherself continuously. As a result, they will feel inferior and have low self-esteem when their friends are participating the athletic championship. Similarly, the athlete who wins the first place in the Olympic Sport Contest will have higher self-esteem than the failures. And then help them to make adjustments. They can gain back their confidence by helping them to find out their interests and special abilities, and then develop in those domains as well. If they still find that the job is not satisfied, we can help them to seek out some other interests and ability and apply to work as well. Sometimes, they will feel helpless since they cannot solve the problems by themselves. Since self-esteem decreases in adolescence, it is important for us to deal with it and have cheerful lives. Moreover, they will have happy lives because they won"tmt feel lonely. For example, my friend July is not good at Math. On contrast, the adults have confident when they encounter the problems and solve them very quickly. When the parents divorce, there will be only one parent to have financial support for the child.


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