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Africa is a very deserted continent. It has mostly third-world countries and is very under-developed. Deserts cover a large area of the terrain. There are not many large cities and societies compared to other continents such as Europe and North America. Small tribes, however, are very common and follow the same customs and traditions for centuries. Many scientists believe the world’s population originated in Africa Antarctica is almost entirely uninhabited because of the harsh climate. The entire land is covered by ice b Continue...

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The only animals that live there must adapt to the extreme cold weather by having thick fur coats. Most of the countries are extremely small compared to the United States and China. Their society has a strong, peaceful government and is generally upper class. Kangaroos are very common in Australia. There aren't any particularly significant animals because of the cities. ecause it is located at the South Pole. However, many parts of Asia are unoccupied because of the rocky mountain terrain. There are not many mountain ranges, but there are many plains and deserts. It is very hot atmospheric conditions. Most of the countries are Spanish-speaking. The terrain is made up of many forested areas, except the cities. However, they have many upper class countries such as France, England, and Spain. Australia is the only continent besides Antarctica to have one country.


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