Taking Care of a Baby

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Baby Report The baby simulation was a lot easier than I had expected. The baby I got only cried a total of nine minutes though. I thought it would keep me up all night, but it only woke me up about two times. With paired parents it is much easier, because there are two people to take of the baby, whereas with one person it could become a hassle, like when I was in the shower and my mom had to quickly come get me to take care of the baby. If there were two parents than that wouldn’t have been a problem. At first, she thought it was funny and didn’t mind, but towards the early morning when it cried a few time my mother got annoyed because she could hear it too and got woken up. In public I wasn’t treated too much differently, except a few strange looks every now and again, but overall there weren’t too many problems with other people. Again Continue...

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Between the ages of 10 and 16 it gets really expensive when they start looking at more expensive toys like stereos, or videogames, and even a car, whereas in the younger years there are a lot of little expenses, but all in all it is way more when they get older. with my baby only crying nine total minutes it didn"tmt affect my social life too much, but it was a hassle to take it everywhere with me, and when talking on the phone, it was hard to stop in the middle of a sentence to care for the baby. It would completely ruin my social life, because I would have to juggle school, a job, and taking care of a baby. I would get a part time job between school and watching the baby, and I know my mom and dad would help me out financially if I needed, and I would just keep a tab and pay them back when I"tmm through with college and have a real job. I would have gotten a shirt that buttoned in the back instead of over the head, because it was a hassle to take the shirt on and off and not tilt the head back, plus if it were a real baby like when I baby-sit my lit cousin, it seems that babies don"tmt like things going over their heads, because it is hard to get a regular shirt on him without him crying or fussing. It was half and half with being less or more popular, because some people just gave weird looks, and others new what I was going through and came up to me and said a few different things about the baby. But I don"tmt think it would be too hard, because I am the biggest slacker anyone could meet and I still get basically straight A"tms. So if I really applied myself it wouldn"tmt be too hard to still get good grades. But as for school grades I would do my best to keep them up, because with me coming from a not so rich background it would help to get a few scholarships, for college. Overall I think it cost a lot more as it grows. Overall the baby gave an overview of what a real baby could be like, but it still wasn"tmt the real thing, and until we all have our own babies, we won"tmt know what it will really be like.