The study of the theme of revenge in great expectations

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In the novel great expectations by Charles Dickens the seeking of revenge is considered a worthless pursuit. It is shown that revenge not only harms the life of the individual seeking it but also the lives of those who have not harmed the revenge seeker in any way. The main character of the story pip, a naive boy who wishes to become a gentleman suffers the most pain of all due to the quest of others for revenge. In the novel the characters wanting vengeance not only do not recieve it but their lives are adversely affected and take a turn for the worse in most cases resulting in the characters death. The characters who seek revenge are Miss Havisham an eccentric old woman , Dolge Orlick a jealous adversary of pip, and Magwitch a reformed criminal that still ends up paying the price for his pursuit of vengeance. The character who seeks vengeance the most intensely is Miss Havisham. She is a wealthy old woman who lives in a rotting mansion and wears an old rotting wedding dress. Her life centers around one event , the Continue...

His plans are foiled by pip's friend Herbert and he later goes to jail because he robbed the house of Pip's Uncle Pumblechock. Miss Havisham's quest for revenge does only one thing causes pain to a great deal of people including herself. He enters the story when he escapes from prison and terrorizes pip in a cemetery. She causes other peoples hearts to be broken in the same manner as hers. " You did that and that wold be enough, without more how dare you come between me and a young woman I liked(pg. Abel magwitch is a sympathetic figure who meets his end due to a thirst for vengeance though he was not actively pursuing it. jilting of her on her wedding day by compeyson a gentlemenly criminal and the adversary of another major character, magwitch. Even though it is proven he is a good man magwitch still suffers from his momentary impulse to seek vengeance. She adopts and raises a orphaned child named estella to use as a weapon to do one thing break men's hearts so more can feel like she does and her first target is pip a very young child at the time of their introduction. At the end of the novel he tries to murder pip and but fails in his quest. Someone who tries to take the life of another to achieve his revenge is a day laborer named Dolge Orlick. Charles Dickens tries to pursue the reader that forgiveness is the correct route to satisfaction not vengeance. Pips generosity and kindness make an impression on magwitch and he devotes his life to making a fortune in austrailia to give to Pip to elevate his social standing.


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