The Soil

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The Soil A small child stares out the window watching the rainfall to the ground. She stares in amazement as the water soaks in to the freshly tilled earth, and then slowly begins to pool. The longer she sits the pool grows and grows until a small stream begins to flow across the yard. She closes her eyes and imagines sinking her dainty toes into the warm, soft mud. Sitting next to her is her anxious younger brother who eagerly awaits the stopping of the rainfall, for he knows that when the rain stops the ground comes alive! As we grow older we lose the sense of wonder and amazement that comes with youth. Unfortunately, all to often we also forget that the ground that we stand on truly is “A living soil.” Millions of organisms both seen and unseen pulsate through the soil to create an environment that provides us with food to eat, materials to build our homes with, and soft, shady places to rest our weary souls. For many years an organization has existed that is dedicated to nothing more than protecting our lands. The Soil and Water Conservation Service was created to deal with soil erosion, and water supply problems, and is divided into local districts so that specific concerns can be dealt with. Together with farmers and r Continue...

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R) and far out into the Atlantic Ocean. The years of prosperous farming and uncontrolled neglect in Kansas and Oklahoma wreaked havoc on the Eastern half of the country. The mountain people of Scotland are Highlanders. These numbers and practices must continue to increase. as well as worldwide population is growing while the available farm, ranch, and forest lands continue to decrease. You will see that same little girl staring in amazement as she watches the rainfall. On a grand scale, methods such as no-till farming are a great source of conservation, but even the local homeowner plays an important role when they do not over fertilize, or apply too much pesticide or herbicide. Luckily, to our advantage we don"tmt have to "hoe this row" alone, we have the massive resources and the expertise of our local Soil and Water Conservation District. What we call "terra firma" or solid ground is actually half open space. It supports all life within itself as well as all life above it. The land that if we do not continue to care for and preserve, we will lose. We associate ourselves with these names because of the land upon which we stand. Very proudly we call ourselves Texans. "So how as farmers, ranchers, and homeowners do we keep this living soil alive, healthy, and productive for our children and grandchildren First, we must learn from the past.


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