Factors affecting health and well being

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The health status of a particular group or community is dependant upon many factors. In the main, you can think of different communities as being of different social classes. A persons social status is almost directly related to that person’s health and the social group that you belong to will have a potential affect on your health and life chances. The types of social groups in the community vary from the very top class to the lowest. If we take geographical location , for example, in Britain you would expect people with the highest income to be situated toward the south, south east area due to their being higher wages and more employment. The financial position of a group in a community will have an effect on people’s life chances. In the north of England, a place like Blackburn in some districts, can have lower social class communities made up of low skilled or unskilled people and therefore have high levels of poverty, deprivation with poor, damp housing e.g. old high rise flats with illness related to these damp conditions. On the other hand, other districts, with higher social class families will have a better standard of living with quality housing, Continue...

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The prioritisation of funding towards services in certain areas will mean that not everyone will receive the same standard of care or will not be able to access the treatment or care that a person needs. In certain areas of the country, access to treatment and services may be more readily available compared to others. One would not think it but gender has an impact on the health of an individual. Consequently liver and kidney disease is on the increase. smoke and drink more and take more dangerous jobs. People with illness will now find it difficult to be treated due to lack of doctors and health service providers. Violence and conflict is a another influence on the health and well being of groups in a community. The war forced on Iraq has caused a complete break down in services and caused greater religious tension. Communities have been broken down and provision of health services has also been disrupted and destroyed. Financial position will also affect the level of health care people receive. The location of groups in a community will render whether or not people's quality and access to good health care service is available. parks and better access to leisure facilities and supermarkets which in turn will give them a better health status. Behavioural theory which argues that men are more likely to be risk takers e.


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