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Schizophrenia is one of the most misunderstood mental illnesses, which is not address by society. Schizophrenia is a chronic, severe, and disabling brain disease. There are certain important things that you might want to know about the disease; the amount of people affected by the disease, signs and symptoms, conditions that might be confused as the disease and major problems people with schizophrenia face. This number is sometimes debated but over 2 million Americans suffer from schizophrenia in any given year. Out of the 2 million Americans only 750,000 live independently, most likely with support from family and friends. The next largest group live with family which is about, 550,000. Another 400,000 live in supervised living environment such as group homes, halfway houses, and family care homes. The rest of the population is spread across hospitals, nursing homes, jails and prisons, and or homeless. Now that you know living with this disease is not an easy course of life we can go over some of the sign and symptoms that schizophrenic people face. The first one is an alteration of there senses, this is to inclu Continue...

A person without this disease has the ability to receive thought and process them and send a response, but a person with schizophrenia has jumbles thoughts and may not be able to send a response that makes much sense. The next sign or symptom is their inability to interpret and respond. There are many medications that help them along the way, but sometimes they don't work or patients refuse to take them. The child also has a chance of having schizophrenia later in life. I think it is one of the worst diseases that can plague a person. Along with sex come pregnancy, caring for a child is hard when you have a hard time caring for yourself. There are many other conditions that might be confused as schizophrenia such as; split personality disorder, psychosis caused by street drugs, psychosis cause by heads trauma, infantile autism, antisocial personality disorder, and culturally sanctioned psychotic behavioral. It's sad to know that some people with the disease will eventually end up on the street with no heath care at all. A person with schizophrenia might experience sharpness of colors, textures and colors might blend, and these alterations can make objects frightening, ugly or just the opposite. One of these problems is an addiction to cigarettes and coffee. About 47 of all schizophrenic patients abuse one or the other. There are other major problems that schizophrenic people face or they are more susceptible to. The problem they face with both of these is smoking decreases the effectiveness of most antipsychotic drugs and coffee increases side effects caused by the drugs.