Similarities and differences between Buddhism and Taoism

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Both Buddhism and Taoism started in approximately 500 BCE. Both religions had complex philosophies and complex ways of performing the act of warship. Buddha, a prince named Siddharta Guatama, was the man who created Buddhism. Buddhism was based on Hinduism and changes were made from the life experiences Buddha faced. As for Taoism, it was based on Confucianism. Taoism was found in China in the Han dynasty .It dealt with learning from the past and appreciating the present. Buddhists believed that life was a circle of rebirth. Everyone had to pay for every action. If a man did a bad deed, he would have to pay several lives going through pain before he could receive Enlightment. They also believed tha Continue...

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However, Taoists believed that everyday life could be peaceful and enjoyable but they must follow the ways of a Tao. If they follow the society"tms way, they won"tmt receive peace and harmony. Therefore, a Buddhist"tms intention was to become a Nirvana and not break the four noble truths. With Taoists, they were to accept everything that happened to be natural. t life was full of pain and misery, so they must prepare themselves with the cycles of life and rebirth. In order to do so, they must overcome all the negative characteristics such as greed. As for a Buddhist, a man cannot change the world surrounding them, but they can change themselves inside. One of the four noble truths is, "that the removal of sorrow can only come from the removal of desire. Nevertheless, Taoists live to accept all the changes to enjoy life, and Buddhists live to avoid suffering to enjoy life. Both Buddhism and Taoism believed that every man"tms intention is good. Both religions believe that men should not ask how to attain Nirvana or a Tao. Also, both Buddhism and Taoism said that men and the universe are connected, so as men die, their minds go on. Both believed that there was nothing they could do to stop anything from happening in the world. "The Tao surrounds everyone and therefore everyone must listen to find enlightenment.