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The Value of an Education at Old Dominion University All my life I have dreamed about my graduation from high school and furthering my education in college. Coming from a family that stresses the value of education and demands high educational standards, it has always been my belief that education is one of the most valuable tools a person can possess. I have spent the past four years considering my future, establishing goals and knowing that the only way to achieve those goals is through continuing my education. I believe that a quality education is required for success. Therefore, attendin Continue...

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I look forward to hearing of my acceptance to the University. I have been reminded of the value of education all my life. g Old Dominion would be a great honor and I know my dreams of completing a degree will be fulfilled. My father, a retired Naval Officer, attended the University of Minnesota and the Naval Post-Graduate School and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and a Master of Science Degree in Oceanography. Even now, I still benefit from information taught to me in elementary school. I know the professors at Old Dominion are excellent and will provide me with the skills I need to succeed. Learning has always been my way of life. I have seen through him how much you can benefit from an education. I will posses the necessary tools to compete in a highly competitive and demanding workforce. A degree from Old Dominion will enable me to pursue a career with confidence and achieve the goals I have set for myself. I always endeavored to put all my effort into a class. If accepted into Old Dominion University, I will do whatever it takes to succeed as a student. By attending Old Dominion, I can achieve what I have been hoping for my whole life. Throughout my years of schooling, I have always desired to attain the maximum knowledge available.


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