Summary of Early Autumn by Langston Hughes

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Lost Love Not Found: Summary and Personal Reflection of Langston Hughes’ “Early Autumn” Mary and Bill were young when they fell in love. Perhaps this was their first love “When Bill was young, they had been in love” (437). They broke up for some diminutive reason. Instead of talking it out she married someone else. This hurt Bill into his very inner soul “Bill went away, bitter about women” (437). They ran into each other some years later. It was a chance meeting really, hundreds of miles from where their young love first formed. From the first moments of there interlude you could sense that Mary had never really Continue...

You can tell that Bill is happy with his life. He was put off that she left him in the first place "Always wondered what happened to you (437). This could have been because he still tasted the sourness that she left him with. She never gave his name or what he did. As the night fell so did their short time together. let go "she lifted up her face as though wanting a kiss (437). I don't think Bill really wanted her to come over because he never even provided his address to her. Bills attitude was very standoffish at first. She had regretted what had happen so long ago "Suddenly she shrieked very loudly. She on the other hand was reluctant to talk of her husband. Sometimes he would just supply her information without her asking. I think he was doing this to rub in how good his life had turned out, how he had gotten past here and moved on with his life. He was better off forgetting her in the first place. Their conversation drudges on like the cold autumn day around them. They exchanged niceties, inviting each other over to meet the families.