The effects of the baby boom

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What impact did the baby boom have on the 1950’s and 1960’s in Canada? To understand what impact it had we must think what it was. The baby boom was a period after World War 2 where the growth in population soared. Soldiers came back from the war wanting to start a family, have a nice peaceful life, and forget about war. The baby boom generation was raised differently then any other generation. They had many benefits that the generation of WWII soldiers didn’t have when they were young. The baby boom generation was a special generation in many ways. The baby boom impacted Canada in the aspects of women, economics, and how they were raised. Women were treated much differently in the baby boom generation. Women were portrayed as housewives only. Many women had dreams to be so much more but they lost those dreams along the way with the troubles of motherhood and marriage. If women wanted more they were encouraged to take jobs such as stewardesses or teachers. No one in that time thought women to be good for much more then house work. But many women in the 1950’s and 1960’s actually had a good job and were earning more then the male of the house. Over 60% of the female population had a job other then housewife, teacher, Continue...

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Another way the baby boomers affected Canada in the 1950's60's was socially. Adults were spending like crazy to please their kids which boosted the economy enormously. 1 Many of these jobs were heads of businesses and other great jobs. The TV was a new invention and was an amazing invention that could in trance kids for hours. Parents wanted a nice peaceful place where they could raised their kids without the craziness of city life. A job with very high demand was teachers. So as you can see, the economy went up enormously due to the companies focusing on the baby boom generation. Over 75 of the schools in Canada had a shortage of teachers and not enough classrooms in the 1950's60's. 2 So as you can see the baby boom generation was raised different socially then any other generation. It was higher then in 1929 before the Great Depression. 2 Another way they raised kids was with the TV. One major economic impact was the products sold. So the Americans also had an impact on the baby boom in Canada. Many parents who both worked needed people to look after their kids.


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