Tomorrow When the War began

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There are eight main characters presented from the novel, four of which are male and four are female. The four male characters are Homer, Kevin, Lee and Chris. On the other hand, the female characters are Ellie, Fi, Corrie, Robyn. Each character develops in different ways and at different stages but generally speaking the characters develop most through all the encounters of the invaders and that the more they found out about what had happened the more influence it had on the characters’ feelings and emotions. This led to the developments of the characters. The male characters: Homer develops a lot since the beginning of the book, his favourite hobbies before the war were pulling pranks on unsuspecting bystanders, winding up the girls at school so they call him names, and generally being a huge pain that refuses to like sport. Homer was a very laid-back guy. However he drops the pretence of years, and discarded the stereotype he has hidden behind and showed who he really is; a leader who can inspire, encourage and invigorate. He Continue...

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    .... John Marsden's novel Tomorrow, When the War Began, is an enlightening novel that demonstrates a group of adolescents who incur life-teaching experiences that .... (618 2 )

At the start Kevin has a big ego and shows no respect for what everyone else says or suggests. He takes charge of most of the decisions and situations; he has become the leader of the group. The characters in the novel are presented as a normal everyday variety of teenagers, which develops tremendously during the story which is cause by the effects of the invasion on their country, their home, and their families. She changes a lot through the novel, as she changes from a rich urban girl who knows little of the bush to a cautious and alert girl. Finally there is Ellie is an ordinary teenager in the beginning, who is stubborn and hot-tempered at times. She is someone who has never done a day's hard work in her life. Finally, Chris develops very little throughout the book, but he does learn to be more caring which is wasn't when we find out about him. astonishes everyone with his level headed approach when there is danger Homer becomes quick, responsive and reliable. That ultimately triggers the different developments of each teenager. He puts forward some good suggestions of approach. In the beginning Corrie lacked confidence, but she becomes more confident with the help of Kevin, and she becomes determined. Fi is an urban girl, who has light delicate skin, and is graceful. The Females: Corrie is Ellie's best friend since when they were young. Her determination increases throughout the book, which leads to her ability to be able to think under pressure and find the best solution.


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