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Halloween “Trick or treat,” scream children on October 31. Trick or treat, what is does that mean? Halloween has not always been about handing out candy and playing jokes on people. In fact, Halloween has changed in numerous ways over the years. Halloween first originated from a Celtic fire festival called Samhain, or summer’s end, that represented the New Year beginning on November 1. The Celts believed that when a person died they went to Tirnan Og, the land of eternal youth and happiness. The Celts believed that turning points, such as the turning of one year into the next, were magical events. The Celts believed that time and space came to a halt, during Samhain, thus allowing the dead to mix with the living. With this belief, the still-living, not wanting to be possessed, put out fires in their homes. This would make their house undesirable to the spirit. The extinguishing of the hearth fires symbolized the “dark half” of the year. The re-kindling from the Druidic fire was symbolic of the returning life that was hoped for in the spring. (Rupert, 2004) There are many inaccurate Christian teachings about Halloween and the Celts. For instance, Christian literature teaches us that Samhain was the Celtic Continue...

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Jack-o-lanterns seemed to stem from an old Irish folklore. , there were drastic changes to fire festival. Halloween was not heard or seen much of until the mid 1800's when more than a million Irish immigrants came to America. When immigrants came to America they discovered that hollowed out pumpkins worked better for making Jack-o-lanterns than turnips did. There is also no evidence that the Celts ever dressed in costumes on Halloween. The amount of trick-or-treaters declined in 1970 when a 5 year old died from eating heroin laced candy he picked up on Halloween. Halloween has changed a lot over the years. October 31st became known as a time to for young men to have fun by roaming the streets and causing damage. The deal was that if Satan promised never to tempt Jack again, Jack would let him down the tree. The eve before All Saints' Day became known as All Hallowe'en or the evening of all the holy ones. Halloween has changed from a fire festival celebrating the harvest, to a mischief night, and finally to a trick-or-treat family fun night. When in fact, Samhain was not a god and is defined in McBain's Etymological Dictionary of the Gaelic Language says that "Samhain means "summer's end. When the Romans conquered Celtic lands in the first century A. The act of trick-or-treat was created to lessen the destructiveness of the holiday.


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