My Unlucky Day

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MY UNLUCKY DAY It was a bright Sunday morning.The sun was not too fierce and there was a gentle breeze. It did not seem as though it was going to rain,either. in short ,it appeared to be the right day for an outing. Mary, Christina, Lucy and myself called an emergency meeting and decided to spend the day at the Lagoon. It would be picnic-cum -swimming session for the morning and, if the weather permitted , we would camp overnight and have a barbecue party, too. We divided among overselves the responsibility of bringing the necessary items. In order to keep costs to the minimum , we decided to prepare the food ourselves instead of buying it. The drinks we decided to buy as occassion warranted. I was supposed to meet my friends at the bus interchange that was about a Continue...

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By then the swelling in my right leg had increaded . My clean clothes were soiled with wet mud and had turned orange in colour. I was not to walk or move my leg so that the broken bones could join back and my wounds jeal. When we reached the place, we alighted from the bus. A day that was planned for fun and merry making turned out ot be my unlucky day. "Man proposes , God disposes " is , I believe, how the saying goes. Then we took the bus taht went to the Lagoon area. All dressed for the outing and with a heart filled with excitment , I walked tot he nearest bus stop and i was at the agreed bus interchange in about twenty minutes. In the hour's time i was dragged out of the pit, sweating all over , pale-faced and with a swollen right leg . I struggled to get out of the pit but could not. One by one, Mary , Lucy and Christina arrived at the proposed meeting place.


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