Communication in the Workplace

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Companies all across the world share one common goal, they must be able to communicate effectively in order to maintain continuous growth and market share. Effective communication is an art that requires the speaker and listener to pass information from one to the other and have complete understanding. The movie “Cool Hand Luke” is known for the line, “What we have here is a failure to communicate”; you will find this to be true when dealing with conflict and misunderstandings in the work place. Communication is plagued with many different obstacles that impact the listener’s ability to understand the person trying to relay information. Ineffective use of communication results in the duplication of work and it also wastes a company’s time and money. Companies must strife to eliminate the practice of poor communication. As the work environment becomes more diverse, companies will be required to demonstrate stronger communication skills. Diverse cultural influences are just one of the many causes of poor communication. Developing and practicing good communication will lead to better quality of services as well as increased productivity. The first target of attack in a wartime situation is deploying the destruction of th Continue...

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The voice can be manipulated to indicate excitement, disappointment and many other personal feelings. Employees can determine the Boss"tms mood just by the simple "Good Morning" due to his or her body language and voice pitch. Verbal communication is the preferred choice because it demands and immediate response. In meetings, a soft voice could indicate to listeners that the person is not sure of themselves or clear on the meeting purpose. The communication process is susceptible to noise-that is, disturbances whether internal or external that interfere with the transmission of the message. Selective perception is another form of communication barrier. The invention of the phone helped to deliver faster communication without the cost of travel. Resulting in better employee relations within the company. It allows for ideas and information to be transmitted both verbally and non-verbally and ensures that tasks are preformed efficiently. This is called decoding, which results in the transfer of information from one person to another. This occurs when someone tells the boss what they think the boss wants to hear. To improve employee relations and company revenues, communication must flow with effective results that achieve a joint understanding between the receiver and sender. Individuals giving or receiving non-verbal communication should practice control of body language to prevent conveying the wrong message or information. The computer - It is technology"tms latest and greatest invention. I will attempt to define communication, describe a few of the communication tools available in the workplace, clarify the communication process, and explain some of the known barriers that prevent effective communication.


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