Star Wars vs. Hidden Fortress

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Cowboys & Samurai Star Wars and The Hidden Fortress These two movies are not directly related, but they do have striking similarities. George Lucas didn’t remake The Hidden Fortress but he did pull some of plot and characters for his film Star Wars, from it. Both films were great hits when they came out but Star Wars stands alone financially, spawning two sequels and three prequels that have grossed well over a billion dollars. Both films have similar settings, though their time periods are way off. The Hidden Fortress takes place in a period where the Yamana province has taken over the Azikuzi province and the Azikuzi bloodline is struggling to stay alive. Star Wars takes place in a ‘galaxy far, far, away’ where the Empire, which is in correlation to the Yamana Clan, has constructed a new weapon in which it will use to intimidate the galaxy and destroy the rebels, who are in correlation with the Azikuzi Clan. Both settings have struggling factions trying to evade a conquering force. In both films there is one object that the struggling faction has, that can destroy the dominating force. In The Hidden Fortress it is the last remaining Azikuzi royalty, Princess Yukohime, who can rebuild the Azikuzi empi Continue...

One of the most noticeable similarities between the movies are the two droids and two grave diggers. If the rebels have the power to destroy the Empire's pride possession, the Death Star, then the Empire altogether is vulnerable. Kurosawa's films have certain characteristics of cowboy westerns which could very well be taken from movies during that time that weren't his. Lucas really draws a lot from Princess Yukohime, who is strong-willed, defiant, and caring. Of course in The Hidden Fortress, the Princess Yukohime uses a decoy to fake her own execution and later in the film a girl they picked up attempts to save the princess by claiming she in fact is the princess but the attempt fails. Makabe explains to his opponent that they are friends more than enemies which apparently effects him because as the party is led up a hill to their execution he orders their release. The Jedi carry a unique sword called a lightsaber which distinguishes them from others. re and overthrow the Yamana Clan with her power. All in all though, it is not a game of who extracted from who but who makes the best film with what he has. In Star Wars, the object is not the princess directly but the Death Star plans that she carries with her. The two engage in a drawn out fight which ends with Makabe in position to execute his opponent, but Makabe chooses to spare his opponent and rides off. When Luke is about to die from the emperor's powers his father picks up the emperor and throws him over the rail to his death, therefore saving Luke. Another relation is when General Makabe chases an enemy soldier into a Yamana Camp and meets another general that he had once taught. This you can draw out Ben Kenobi fighting Darth Vader but Kenobi dies instead of winning so it also goes towards later in the trilogy when Luke is battling his father Darth Vader.