Star Wars vs. Hidden Fortress

             These two movies are not directly related, but they do have striking similarities. George Lucas didn’t remake The Hidden Fortress but he did pull some of plot and characters for his film Star Wars, from it. Both films were great hits when they came out but Star Wars stands alone financially, spawning two sequels and three prequels that have grossed well over a billion dollars.
             Both films have similar settings, though their time periods are way off. The Hidden Fortress takes place in a period where the Yamana province has taken over the Azikuzi province and the Azikuzi bloodline is struggling to stay alive. Star Wars takes place in a ‘galaxy far, far, away’ where the Empire, which is in correlation to the Yamana Clan, has constructed a new weapon in which it will use to intimidate the galaxy and destroy the rebels, who are in correlation with the Azikuzi Clan. Both settings have struggling factions trying to evade a conquering force.
             In both films there is one object that the struggling faction has, that can destroy the dominating force. In The Hidden Fortress it is the last remaining Azikuzi royalty, Princess Yukohime, who can rebuild the Azikuzi empire and overthrow the Yamana Clan with her power. In Star Wars, the object is not the princess directly but the Death Star plans that she carries with her. If the rebels have the power to destroy the Empire’s pride possession, the Death Star, then the Empire altogether is vulnerable.
             One of the most noticeable similarities between the movies are the two droids and two grave diggers. Though the droids seem to be more intelligent, you can make the correlation when you see the droids squabble just like the grave diggers do. Though both movie’s scripts become pretty far apart at times, you can get the basic gist of what Lucas took from Kurosawa. Also both movies begin with the droids and grave diggers an

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