Joining the military

             “What’s up bro? What grade are you?” A man dressed up in a military uniform approached Steven, waiting for his ride, one day.
             “Oh no!” Steven thought to himself. He was about to graduate in a month and about to go to one of the top schools in Hawaii, Hawaii Pacific University (H.P.U.), to pursue his degree in business administrations. He wanted nothing to do with the military. What he wanted was to graduate, go to college, and get a good job, do what normal people do. What he did not know was that this would be just the beginning of what would make his military career and how good of a life he would have from being in.
             Steven and the man, which he later found out was a recruiter, talked for several minutes and before Steven knew it, he had an appointment to meet with the recruiter at his office in town. The man left as Steven was picked up by his bus. When he got home, Steven talked to his parents about the recruiter he met and his appointment the following day. As far as both of his parents knew, they knew absolutely nothing about the military except for World War II and Vietnam. Still, Steven’s parents were supportive, to look at his options, and dropped him off at his appointment the following day.
             . Steven opened the door to the office and the first thing he saw were awards all over the walls and medals gleaming on the recruiter’s hard wood desk. Just by that Steven could tell the recruiter was proud to be a part of the military. He did not know what to think of it but he had never seen that much pride before.
             “How’s it going bro?” the recruiter reached out with a welcoming handshake, “Steven right?”
             The man seemed friendly enough, so Steven knew right away that this was not the bombing and shooting as he had portrayed it to be.
             Both of them took a seat near a small table and began to briefly talk about Steven’s goals and future. Steven did not really have any set goal...

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