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Abortions have always been about law and moral values. Henry Bracton (1216-1272) also known as “The father of Common Law” regarded abortion a homicide, if it was done at least five to six weeks into pregnancy. During that time abortion was considered a felony and causing the person to be hung. In the early 1800s, laws regarding pre-quickening abortions were made into felonies and post-quickening abortions were made capital crimes. In 1837, the quickening distinction of abortion was removed and any type of abortion was considered a felony. In 1929 a new law was passed, in efforts to save the mothers life. Abortion became permissible in unwanted pregnancies. In the United States, before the 19th century, criminal laws were based on the C Continue...

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With time states chose to make it punishable through criminal law. States followed these laws exactly as they were in England. It was determined that anywhere in the United States a woman and her physician can decide whether to terminate the pregnancy. Wade struck down on abortion laws in the United States. " Another issue in abortion, is religion. Lead by the medical community, in the middle of the 19th century, a movement had begun to tighten abortion regulations. Most people who are against abortions, believe it is against their religion. Any abortion done after the first 24 weeks of pregnancy was considered a homicide. Others say abortions during the first trimester are okay and abortions that are done before the fetus is viable. These regulations didn"tmt allow late-term pregnancies, with the exception of serious medical reasons. This could only be done during the first 3 months of pregnancy. In the late 1960"tms and early 1970"tms most states loosened their abortion laws to some extent, due to the fact that some women were rape or pregnant through incestuous relations, or for various health reasons.


Pro-choiceView of Abortion Issue
The recent defeat of various anti-abortion candidates in elections across the country shows that most Americans believe they do. (1494 6 )

Abortion in America Today
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of Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe of the famous Roe v. Wade case, exemplifies the negative effect of anti-abortion laws ("Abortion: One Romania", 1995, p. 137). (2294 9 )

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government to the local scene--local women's health clinics find themselves under a siege of "no-holds-barred" demonstrations by anti-abortion proponents. (2217 9 )