Touching Spirit Bear Book Report

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In this chapter, the main character and three other characters were introduced. The main character, Cole is a fifteen year old boy who lived in Minneapolis and he got in trouble with the law most of his life. The three other characters were Garvey, Edwin and Peter Driscal. Garvey was a Tlingit Indian and a parole officer from Minneapolis. Edwin was a Tlingit elder that help arrange Cole’s banishment. Peter was a kid in ninth grade and was picked on a lot by Cole. Cole was being taken to an island in south Alaska because he beat up Peter Driscal for telling someone that Cole robbed a hardware store. During the trip, Cole remembered Garvey explaining the Circle Justice system to him. Garvey said Circle Justice decides a type of healing process for a crime. After Garvey explained this Cole thought it would be better than going to jail so he joined. When Cole, Edwin and Garvey landed at the island Cole was told that no one will be with so you have to fend for yourself. On the island there was a small wooded shelter for him and supplies. After that Edwin explained to Cole about a special black bear called the Spirit Bear and that it was pure white. He also said it had more honor, dignity and pride than most people. Aft Continue...

Cole was scared at first but then realized it didn't want to hurt him. One month after Cole left the island, his father was arrested for child abuse towards Cole. One day his mother visited Cole and told him that his father's parents beat him too. So then he took off his clothes and started swimming. Cole was taken to the detention center, the place where he was before he was sent to the island. After they were out of his sight, Cole went into the shelter and took the gallon of gas and poured it all over the supplies and walls of the shelter. Later he went to the shore to check the tide but then he saw the spirit bear. Then he took a match and threw it in the shelter. Then he shouted keep staring and I'll kill you. Cole had to stay in doctor's office in a Tlingit village until tomorrow. Cole then reached out his arm and touched the Spirit bear. After that, the feather was passed around and every one introduced themselves. Cole thought back to the Healing Circle meeting and remembered hoe surprised the group was when he called his dad a liar. They landed everywhere, on his eyelids and in his mouth.


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