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There are a lot of surprising and sometimes difficult things that impresses you when you arrived in a country that you have never been in before. Especially for many people who were born and raised in America. I remember traveling to Vietnam a couple years ago. It was during summer of 1999, my parents and a couple of my relatives decided to take a trip to visit my grandparents, who I have never met before in my life. Going to Vietnam was a horrible idea, but I got to experienced many great places and unforgettable adventure. Before arriving at Saigon International Airport, I have always thought that Vietnam was a hi-tech country similar to America; with tall buildings and tons of technology. When I stepped off the airplane in Saigon, I was hit by this stale and humid air that made my whole body felt very sticky; a feeling that I have never experience before. When stepping off the plane we were bussed to an uninviting, old building staffed by equally cold and uninviting people. I honestly don’t think I will ever want to stay in this country for a long period of time. Shortly after we passed through the entrance of the airport; I was amazed that Vietnam was a poor, densely-populated country. Saigon International Airport was su Continue...

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Going to visit my grandparents in Hue was an adventurous escape. Nonetheless, there are other night spots worth heading to, if you happen to know some local friends. What really amazed me most was the diversity one saw in every element of society. High school students were provided with desk and chairs, but those chairs are nothing compare to chairs we have in American schools. It's one of the smallest school buildings I have ever seen. Glimpses into the past were awesome to see and provided an awareness of this country's past. The international hotel was totally different from what I had seen at the airport. I was really amazed of the things I saw and learned. There are plenty of products for visitors to buy, but the main attraction is the way in which the bustling market is still very much part of the city's life and economy. At the Imperial City of Hue, I had acquired much historical knowledge, such as who was the founder of the Nguyen's dynasty and who were the many rulers of the unique Imperial city of Hue. The services were very good, and I was very pleased with the way the hotel staffs attend to the customers. I would highly recommend it as a travel destination.


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