What college means to me

             Before coming to College I really didn’t know to much of anything about it. I only knew that it was a small college for away from home I had never even seen the campus before coming to early registration. I was so worried about getting away from home that I didn’t really think twice about where it was. I also didn’t know that this school didn’t have any sports. When I moved in my dorm room, there were a lot of things that I was not accustoming to. When I started class I got a rude awakening in my English class. Things were nothing like home and I felt out of place.
             I’ve always thought that I was going to go to a college that had a football team, track team, and every other sport that you could think of. When I leaned that this college did not have any of these sports I was a little disappointed. But, on the other hand, it can be an advantage because there aren’t as many distractions. I was glad to know that college was known for academics and not parties.
             When I came to college for early registration I had a chance to view the dormitories. At first I thought that I could manage to live there. But after moving in with all of my belongings plus my roommate’s, I felt like there was no hope. Some how we worked it out. Then there were the showers. I thought to myself that I could wine and complain about it as much as I want, but there are people who have to share showers with an entire floor.
             My most recent impression of college was the classes. The first class that I went to was my Effective Communications class. I did not know that it was a honors English class. The requirements for this class were a shock for me. I can’t complain because I need a challenge. Don’t get me wrong I have had some good first impressions of college. Everyone on campus is very friendly and polite. I was surprised that the upper classmen didn’t act like they didn’t want to have any thing to do with the freshmen....

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