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The Singer Solution to World Poverty

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The Singer Solution to World Poverty

Singer’s solution to world poverty, at first glance, seems like an excellent idea, but with careful consideration, many flaws can be identified. Singer believes that the world poverty problem will be solved if people from wealthy countries donate their luxury to the poor, that is, no money should be spent on movies, TV, new clothes, and fancy foods. Singer tries to prove his point by the story below.

A Brazilian woman, named Dora, who has a chance to earn one thousand dollar by persuade a street boy to follow her to an address, and she was told he will be adopted by a wealthy family. After Dora completed her task, she received her compensation and bough a new TV for her own enjoyment. But later that day, she was told by her neighbor that the kid will be organ harvested instead been adopted. After she heard it, she went out and helped the child escaped from the mobs. Singer states: “The average family in the United States spends almost one-third of its income on the things that are no more necessary to them than Dora’s new TV was to her. Going out to nice restaurants, buying new clothes because the old ones are no longer stylish, vacationing at beach resorts-so much of our income is spent on things not essential to the preservation of our lives and health. Donated to one of a number of charitable agencies, that money could mean the difference between life and death for children in need.” And he also states: “For a utilitarian like myself-that is, one who judges whether acts are right or wrong by their consequence- if the upshot of the American’s failure to donate the money is that one more kid dies on the streets of a Brazilian city, then it is, in some sense, just as bad as selling the kid to the organ peddlers.”

Singer’s above statements contradicted with his own utilitarian believes. Utilitarian believes that if doing something will benefits one person, but consequently hu...

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