Is TV harmful in our life?

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As one of the products of modern facility, televisions have definitely become indispensable most peoplesf lives. These days, there is one television or two televisions is each house. Teenagers, especially, are spending more time as entertainment items. Televisions have certain positive effects such as giving their relaxation and activating their imagination. In addition, they get a lot of beneficial information via it. However, some people also have a strong argument that television programs tend to give teenagers harmful information. Moreover people such as their parents are worried not only the information but also their health and addiction to television. It has been argued that there are many television programs which have negative i Continue...

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After there are murders in television programs sometimes that type of accident tend to happen as a chain reaction. This helps their personal development as they become more independent. However, after they study hard watching television is not detriment for relaxation and pleasure as an entertainment. However, there are also great benefits of television are that it can be educational. nfluence on teenagers or youth, for example that is related to murder, violence and discrimination. Furthermore, it is also necessary that young people manage and control their time by themselves. It could be maintained that television programs are also extremely harmful for the healthy growth of teenagers. As a result, the television as one of the greatest invention will give people massive excellent information every day. Therefore, governments should find good provision against the problems with careful regulation and control besides parents also should observe their children and guide them. Televisions have contributed failure of eyesight. In addition, people should consider not only detrimental to the mental health but also to the physical aspect. Another argument against with watching television is that television occupy the time when teenagers should be studying in the library or studying in their rooms. The colourful pictures and vivid characters of pictures are far more attractive that class textbooks. It is significant to perceive the difference in history, culture and life style between their own country and other countries.


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