The major problems face by couple in an interracial marriage

             The major problems face by couple in an interracial marriage.
             An interracial marriage is one that involves two persons from different races. Such marriages are the exception rather than the norm. This is because couples in an interracial marriage are likely to en counter various problems.
             Perhaps the most common of these problems is objection and disapproval of the family. The parents of an interracial couple often feel that they have been let down by their sons or daughters. By ‘deserting’ one’s rage, they fear that their traditions and customs would be lost. In societies where traditions are guarded jealously, interracial marriages seldom win the approval of parents. This problem is compounded when one group is convinced that they are superior to the other, and such prejudices are still found in our society, some parents as disowning their son or daughter. Luckily, however, in some cases, the disapproval is only temporary. With time parents learn to accept the reality of the marriage.
             Another problem that the interracial couples have to encounter is societal disapproval. Although society’s disapproval will not affect the couple as seriously as parental disapproval, it is still an issue that cannot be ignored. A couple in an interracial marriage cannot walk down the street without being stared at. Another discouraging occurs when the couples try to participate in social organizations. Thought there are open minded people who would give all the support they can, there will always be others who would make the couple feel unwelcome.
             Yet another problem that the couple would have to deal with is the problem the children would face, both at school and at play. The most abusive treatment would come from other children. Children can sometimes be very cruel because they say exactly what’s on their mind as they are too young to realize the consequences of their remarks. Children of interracial marriages are often called by al...

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