The Monkey

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Treble structure is a form of narrative divided into three sections, referred to as iterations, and can be applied to W.W. Jacobs’, The Monkey’s Paw. The treble configuration systematically outlines, develops, and provides a conclusion to the central dilemma within the story. In The Monkeys Paw the second iteration reinforces the initial implication of the first, while the third provides closure for the main character. The first iteration of The Monkey's Paw introduces a visitor, Sergeant-Major Morris, to the White family home, which in turn sets the scene for the tale. He brings with him a magic talisman which grants its bearer three wishes. Morris reluctantly bequeaths the monkey's paw to the family along with a serious warning, “The object had a spell put on it by a Fakir….a very holy man. He wanted to show that fate ruled people’s lives, and that who interfered with it did so Continue...

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White, encouraged by his son, uses the monkeys paw to wish for money. The second iteration of The Monkey's Paw reveals the consequences of the use of the cursed talisman through the death of the White's son. But not in any pain...In consideration for their son's services they (the company) wish to service you.... The resurrected Herbert would have been the third visitor to enter the house, yet is prevented by White's final wish. The second iteration develops and further focuses the dilemma presented in the beginning of the story, shown through the use of the paw and its curse. White uses his final wish to undo the last requested by his wife as to guarantee that no more harm ensues. Morris' warning presented in the first iteration is confirmed, and the dilemma further develops, by the death of the White's son Herbert and their recent financial gain. to their sorrow (Jacobs, section one). White realises the consequences of the monkey's paw, "For God's sake, don't let him in...her husband was on his hands and knees groping wildly on the floor in search of the paw. Regardless of Morris's cautionary advice Mr. White, miserable over the passing of her son, insists her husband use the monkey's paw to resurrect him. It is not until after the second wish followed by a knock at the door, which is presumably Herbert, that Mr. White is unsure about carrying out her demands, yet through her determination encourages him to follow her instructions.


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