Conservative, Liberal & Radical approach towards Poverty

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In this paper, I will create an argument towards conservative and liberal approach of poverty, while supporting the radical approach. I will start with the facts about the U.S. poverty. Americans living in poverty have increased significantly. The gap between the rich and the poor is continuously increasing. Race, region, class are some of the important factors that should be taken into consideration when determining who are poor. The Census Bureau report included the following findings: Poverty rate for minorities, Blacks, Hispanics, Asian Americans is continuously increasing. The rate in the south rose to 13.5 percent, from 12.8 percent in 2000. The South is the home to more than 40 percent of all the nation’s poor. The poverty rate for the suburbs rose to 8.2 percent lasts year from 7.8 percent in 2000. The number of people in suburban area rose by 700,000 to 12 million (RCG, page 288). Who are poor? What causes poverty? What are the solutions? Taking a conservative position to these questions focus will be on the urban class people and the reasons for poverty would be “culture of poverty” that is, la Continue...

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The solutions for eradicating poverty taking a liberal position would be more use of macro economic policies, supporting employment through training, child care support and universal programs. They lived in a place that was a waste disposal center. Most welfare recipients do work but the jobs don't pay enough to lift people out of poverty. Employers and the state must support the balancing of paid and unpaid work for both women and men. Poverty is experienced by the working poor as well as unemployed poor and by people of all "races. Lack of decent job opportunities and childcare causes poverty. Thus, taking a radical position towards poverty can be more helpful to eliminate poverty than conservative or the liberal approach. Manufacturing jobs are being outsourced and on the other side people do not have necessary skills or the education for the service industry jobs. Access to public transportation was limited, there were no malls, and there where only public schools that had more than 30 students in a class. On the other hand, real estate agents rejected to offer loan to Smith's family in a good neighborhood. The solutions would be eliminating anti-poverty programs, faith based initiatives, government policies that promote marriage and work. Poverty is caused by lack of jobs in the post-Fordism economy due the decline of manufacturing jobs and tremendous increase in the service sector jobs.


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