Extra Curricular Activities

             Extra Curricular Activities
             How important are extra curricular activities? Educational philosophy states the importance of teaching students to be life long learners. There is much more to education than classrooms and textbooks. Extra curricular activities can provide opportunities for students to express themselves in activities and areas depending on their interests, skills and talents. It also teaches students to work as a “unit” and be team players.
             In the past several years I have enjoyed being involved in several extra curricular activities. In elementary school I was involved in the Art Club. Students would arrive at school early on Tuesday mornings and members would have the opportunity to be involved in special art projects. Some of these consisted of designing posters and signs that was placed in designated areas throughout the school. We would also be able to display our artwork and special projects in an area that was chosen to showcase our work.
             Another activity that I was involved in was an after school helper. We would assist several teachers in putting away PE, band, and audio-visual equipment. We also emptied trash, swept floors and helped with any tasks the teachers would require. This activity taught me the importance of helping others in addition to helping myself by making my environment a much neater place to work in.
             I also enjoy my involvement in our youth group at the church that I attend. In addition to trips and activities that are geared more towards recreation, we also are involved in volunteering our time to needy causes such as Operation Angel Tree and assisting with items being sent to hurricane victims. Helping people in need and knowing you can make a difference in someone’s life is a wonderful learning experience and gives you a feeling of self-worth.

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